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Do Women Make Better Investors – with Laura Cuber

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President

Laura Cuber, CFP®


Doug Fabian, financial advisor with Mercer Advisors and host of the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, speaks with Laura Cuber about men, women, and financial planning. Laura is a certified financial planner and investment advisor with Mercer Advisors’s Chicago branch, and discusses the current research, as well as her own experiences with regarding the impact of gender when it comes to investment management.

Are women better with financial planning and investing than men? Is gender-based performance a real thing? What can we learn from research to improve our investment returns?

Laura walks us through some of the research she has found about women, money, investing, and the impact of gender. Topics included in this episode:

• Gender-based performance, what is it and why do women outperform?
• Do men trade more than women and if so what is the impact on their long-term return?
• How do women’s risk aversion impact their financial planning decisions?
• What can we learn about women and investing behavior?
• Do women tend to focus more on their long-term financial plan than men?
• What are some actions steps you can take today to get started on your path to Economic Freedom?

do women make better investors than men