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Assessing Your Personal Portfolio Management Scorecard

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


In order to invest for success in 2019, you have to know where the markets are, as well as how your investments performed in 2018 relative to the overall market. By keeping track of your own investment management gains and losses, you can determine if you’re on the right track and get sound financial planning advice for 2019. If your portfolio performed poorly in 2018, you may need to speak to a financial advisor about your investment strategy for the coming year.

It was the worst year for stocks in a decade, but how bad was the performance of the major indices? What about fixed income investments?

What are the headwinds markets face in 2019? Is the economy slowing, will the Fed raise rates too high, too fast? What about tariffs and the trade war? What about the plunge in oil prices?

To get yourself on the path to economic freedom, you have to know where the markets are. More importantly, you want to know how your investment strategies performed in 2018 relative to the wider markets. It is by keeping your own scorecard that you can determine if you are on the proper path to investing success. If you severely underperformed, perhaps you need to speak with a financial advisor about making some changes.

In this episode, you get the essential market scorecard, but you’ll also find out how to use that scorecard to get yourself ready for success in 2019.

Topics discussed include:

  • A “tale of the tape” on the performance numbers in key market indices
  • The headwinds facing markets in 2019
  • Why you need to focus on what you can control
  • Setting financial goals for the new year
  • Assessing your personal portfolio management scorecard
  • Action steps to get your personal finances in order
  • Plus, much, much more…
Assessing Your Personal Portfolio Management Scorecard

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